Unemployment is a huge issue facing each and everyone of us. Overall, there are 3 ways to look at it:

  • Time lost due to the Viral outbreak;
  • What happens to our claims in the summer;
  • A combination of both.

The largest problem that we have to face is this: on one hand, we clearly operate under State Laws dealing with Education, but since we are technically not part of a Bargaining Unit, and thus not subject to Collective Bargaining, we are governed by laws regulating employee vs. employer relationships. The decisions thus move from the Educational field, to the Labor field. Overall, should you not be happy with any of the results you get – the Judicial System is clearly open, and the issues we raise clearly need to be adjudicated.


  • No matter who is to blame for this, each and everyone of us has lost time, and salary. This obviously was out of our personal control. As a result, the Government has established principals and concepts upon which we can receive unemployment. This changes based on the state – but needless to say, the majority of us – as long as we earned something – are eligible for some form of benefit under UI laws.


  • A lot of misinformation has been bandied about regarding unemployment awards during the summer months. Eligibility rules are established by the state you work or reside in. We believe that if approached right, you should under normal circumstances, be able to retain your award, especially if you use the following arguments:
    • You are an employee, who pays into the system;
    • You are ready, willing and able to work and have asked to do so (that includes looking for work as required);
    • You are not subject to a collectible bargaining agreement;
    • The Pandemic destroyed your income – (you had days slated to work, but lost the jobs because of the Pandemic);


  • This strategy uses both sets of arguments to make it through the summer until school starts again.

Overall, the information I am providing here, is just one persons opinion, but clearly will do the following:

  • Help you with discussions with the Employment Development Department (EDD);
  • Provide you with the ability to appeal should you fail with EDD;
  • Raise the issue before the Education System – especially at local districts;
  • Provide legislative bodies with questions about our status and thus our treatment;

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