Substitute Teacher Awareness Education Week

Title: Substitute Teacher Awareness Education Week

Problem:   This resolution addresses three problems:.

  • First, there is a statewide shortage of substitute or guest teachers (SGTs);
  • Second, most people (especially students), do not understand the importance of substitute or guest teachers, and as such, SGTs are often taken for granted;
  • Third, Educators are recognized on a yearly bases, but SGTs are not included;


Problem #1: School districts will confirm that there is a shortage of qualified SGTs in the marketplace. As a result, because of the nature of the job, SGTs often work in multiple districts. The industry shortage means that districts are continually looking for SGTs, and are tripping over each other in an effort to attract them. Even so, most SGTs make just above minimum wage and have few if any benefits and employment rights.

Problem #2: People do not understand why SGTs are needed. Simply put, SGTs help ensure that students graduate by having enough classroom instruction hours.

Problem #3: There is no recognition of the role that SGTs play in the educational system.


  • Create a yearly promotional and educational tool that recognizes the importance and need for SGTs; 


  • School Districts
  • Teachers
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Students


  •  Unknown at this time

Arguments in support

  • Provides School Districts with a natural promotional event that they can hold yearly to attract future educators while educating the public;
  • This is an optional program that allows districts to either pool money and have a countywide celebration, or hold one individually, depending on the district’s goals, needs and budget;

Arguments in opposition

  • The California Budget is not earmarking any funds to support this program;
  • SGTs do not deserve special recognition;
  • SGT recognition comes at the wrong time of the year;


  • Overall, if organized properly, this can become a positive statewide media event/campaign that is focused on hiring, educating and ensuring that there are enough teachers in the classroom;
  • Theme: Great job, Great People, Great Contributions


  • Never before introduced;

Fiscal Effect

  • Minimal state effect;
  • Overall effect will be based on the ‘campaign’ that local school districts put on;

Code Section affected:  As per Legislative Council. Note: This is a resolution so no codes are affected;

Language Attached:   Yes

LANGUAGE: Proposed Resolution Language

Whereas as of May 2017, the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are over 106,500 Substitute Teachers in California (; and

Whereas California faces an urgent need for Substitute Teachers because they play a vital role in the state’s educational system and California needs to find a way to get more substitutes trained, credentialed and into the classroom; and

Whereas California faces a teacher shortage, including a shortage of Substitute Teachers; and 

Whereas the students, teachers and administrators of the California public school system rely on Substitute Teacher services, yet the role of the Substitute Teacher is often unappreciated and undefined; and

Whereas the average hourly wage for Substitute Teachers in California during 2017 was $19.67 (;

Whereas the California State Budget for Education is estimated at $45 Billion a year, and it is estimated that approximately $2 Billion a year is spent on employing Substitute Teachers; and

Whereas the Los Angeles – Long Beach – Glendale metropolitan areas employ about 23,000 substitutes, with an mean hourly wage of $20.09;

Whereas Substitute Teachers are Educated and licensed employees by the state to conduct business in the classroom, including but not limited to helping students stay on track to graduate on time and helping schools collect ADA by taking attendance; and

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing issues three different types of credentialed employee permits for Substitute Teachers:  the Emergency 30-day Substitute Teaching Permit, the Emergency Career Substitute Permit, and the Emergency Substitute Teaching Permit for Prospective Teachers; and

Whereas Substitute Teachers take the place of full time teachers, sometimes for a day, a week, or other extended periods of time, yet often work for salaries just above minimum wage, yet are required to perform the duties of educators with advanced degrees who are paid much more; and

Whereas to become licensed, Substitute Teachers must hold a baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university, thus meeting certain basic education and testing skills; and

Whereas Substitute Teachers not only are expected to deal with dozens of new students daily, but they are expected on any given day to professionally teach any subject, ranging from A to Z at the drop of a hat; and

Whereas many Substitutes Teachers are working part-time because they are working towards earning advanced credentials, are taking care of elderly parents, there is a slow down in their regular careers or are retired educators and professionals like lawyers and doctors who want to make a contribution to the education of future generations; and

Whereas Substitute Teachers receive zero training in emergency and crises management, yet are expected to perform at levels for which they are not trained for; and

Whereas in order to make ends meet, many substitutes work as needed and are registered to work in multiple school districts, and to do so, they are required to get multiple sets of fingerprints, costing upwards of $75 a set;

Whereas Substitute Teachers are not recognized or represented, nor part of, unions which means that basic employment rights are often undefined; and

Whereas The California State Assembly, the Senate concurring, recognizes that Substitute Teachers make a huge difference in their community and are unrecognized for that contribution; Therefore, Be It

Resolved that both houses of the California Legislature recognizes that Substitute Teachers are a vital cog in the educational system, and should be recognized by everyone involved in the educational system for the role they play in that process; And Be It Further

Resolved, that both houses of the State Legislature declare that the third week of September in the state of State of California shall be declared Substitute Teacher education and appreciation week; And Be It Further

Resolved that all districts throughout the state should join in recognizing the contributions Substitute Teachers make to the classroom environment; And Be It Further

Resolved that school districts are urged to think and act creatively in an effort to create more Substitute Teacher opportunities, along with providing enhanced incentives ranging from an increased hourly wage to credential enhancements, that are designed to attract, train and retain Substitute Teachers; And Be It Further

Resolved that during this time, school districts provide basic and emergency training to Substitute Teachers; And Be It Further

Resolved, that a copy of this Resolution should be transferred to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for distribution to school districts throughout the state.

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