Michael Ross

  Michael Ross is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with international and national political ties that stretch from the UN and White House to City Councils thanks to being involved in government, law, public relations and publishing for 40+ years. As Michael celebrates this anniversary, he is harnessing his talent and directing his experience down a new, uncharted path – transitioning from governmental advocacy and local volunteering to one of international diplomacy and volunteering.

Those who know Michael believe that he is an Einsteinesk, out-of-the-box thinker with real-world problem solving, management and administrative skills, and is the self-professed “Ralph Nader of California”. Unknown for most of his work, Michael has leveraged his experience and impacted the lives of millions though his political work. This makes Michael a valuable asset for companies seeking expert assistance with international and national political relations, expansion of business markets and communications with the government, media and consumers.

Specialties include, but are not limited to: navigating the legislative and administrative processes, understanding budgets, conducting research, developing business, negotiating contracts and representing clients on the local, state, national or international stages, including before public policy committees. Michael’s work has led directly to the passage or defeat of over 2,500 bills, resolutions, amendments, and ordinances. 

As such, Michael firmly believes that yesterday’s challenges reside in his heart, while opportunities to make the world a better place tomorrow are rattling around his brain. Never the less, Michael lives in the present and is continually looking for opportunities to make the world a better place.

Examples of Michael’s work include the passage of the “Lemon Automobile Bill”, reformation of telecommunications billing practices, internet privacy concepts, and the establishment and financing of literacy programs. Additional work includes an FTC Brief that helped to stop a large merger between international companies and a Constitution for a new country. Michael was also part of a team that brought a case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Throughout his dynamically impressive career, Michael has managed and coordinated the activities of advocates, counsel, legislators, other lobbyists, and regulatory officials at the Federal and State levels. He has also written and delivered White Papers, press releases and letters focused on direct communications with legislative and administrative officials. Combined, these documents helped change public policy.

In recognition of his work, Michael has received several industry recognitions. The one he is most proud of is being named one of the 10 most influential people in the Sports Card industry by USA Today for legislative actions that enhanced consumer protections, just ahead of Joe DiMaggio and NBA Properties. Michael is also proud of the fact that he has also designed collectible trading cards, including those for the Grateful Dead and H. Ross Perot’s 1992 Campaign.

Not one to let grass grow under his feet, in his spare time, Michael is an educator and volunteer. Educationally, Michael has over 3,200 classroom hours, and his specialties include political science, history, math, and chess.  He spent the ’16 and ‘17 school year teaching English and Computer Science to 7th and 8th graders.

A quality board member has two roles to play – inside and outside the boardroom. Inside the boardroom, Michael prefers to be involved with Corporate image, SEC regulations, market negotiations, product sales and fundraising. Outside the boardroom, Michael uses a variety of tools to make positive change for the corporate and public environments. For example, Michael recently hosted, co-funded, and staged an ‘International Conference’ in Jerusalem on 10/17/17. Constructed as part of a barebones Middle East Peace and economic plan, the conference supported the concept that “Jordan is Palestine”. As a guest lecturer at the event, Michael presented a PowerPoint thesis entitled “Jordanian Apartheid”. As a result of the conference, Michael is affectionately called “Dr.” and “America’s Leading Jew” by the King of Jordan, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Authority and Hamas. 

Michael currently holds a Doctor of Law (JD) from the University of Northern California School of Law, and has ambitions of receiving a PhD in Economics thanks to a revolutionary new economic philosophy. Currently Michael serves as the volunteer Executive Director of The International Jewish/Muslim Dialogue Center; is founder of the San Mateo Area Rapid Transportation PAC; was a Member at Large of Aragon Homeowners Association (6 years); President and Board Member of Discovery Village Homeowners Association (2 years); and Editor for the Sacramento Wheelchair Sports Association. Michael has also volunteered for political campaigns, including acting as N. California Presidential Press Coordinator for the Dole for President campaign. A passionate international author, Michael has been published more than 350 times, and adds business plans, screenplays and e-books to his list of accomplishments.