Memo To President

To: President Trump

From: Michael Ross, California Association of Substitute Teachers (CAST)


  1. Pandemic Relief for Substitute or Guest Teachers
  2. Attached letter outlining need and issues

Dear Mr. President;

This memo is going to be short and to the point because the major concepts I am going to outline are referenced and documented in the attached letter.


  1. Substitute or Guest Teachers have not been included in any Pandemic Relief Package, as such many of us have been having problems receiving unemployment, even when told they qualified;
  2. In the USA there are between 500K – and 750K Substitute Teachers;
  3. Most have not received any Pandemic relief OR Unemployment insurance;
  4. With Distance learning becoming the unfortunate ‘norm’, thousands of people are being put out of work. For example, California’s decisions have put over 100K people out of work;
  5. Most of us are paid less than minimum wage, yet are expected to pick up the slack;
  6. Specific pandemic education is needed, yet not being provided by districts – because they do not plan on employing us, yet in many instances, they are fighting our ability to receive unemployment.

As mentioned, these points are outlined in more detail in the attached letter.

On behalf of the nation’s Substitute or Guest Teachers, we are asking the following:

  1. That we be specifically mentioned in the next pandemic relief package;
  2. That money be specifically earmarked for Substitute Teachers;
  3. That in the School package, that Pandemic and Safety Training be mentioned for all Educators and Staff, and that Substitute or Guest Teachers be included;

It is my hopes that you will either act on this as President, or forward this to the appropriate people. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.

Michael Ross, Executive Director