GUESTTEACHER.NET: GuestTeacher.net is multi-dimensional website that is designed to enhance, professionalize, organize and vocalize the interactions between Guest Teachers and those who write and implement the laws – Legislative Bodies (and School Boards).

As a not for profit organization, Goals are expressed in our three prong Mission Statement.

MISSION STATEMENT GOALS: Our 3 fold mission is:

  • PROFESSIONALIZE: Increasing standards, increases respect, skills and pay; and
  • ORGANIZE: Unite through education; and
  • VOCALIZE: To listen (and help) to your needs, and represent your voice before legislative bodies, including school boards.

We believe that the following document, supports our goals. Entitled “Substitute Teacher Awareness Education Week”, the Resolution clearly recognizes our importance to the education system. Our goal is to have this introduced in every state of the nation, and Congress. To view this resolution, please click here

MICHAEL ROSS: Michael Ross is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with international and national political ties that stretch from the UN and White House to City Councils thanks to being involved in government, law, public relations and publishing for 40+ years. As Michael celebrates this anniversary, he is harnessing his talent and directing his experience down a new, uncharted path – transitioning from governmental advocacy and local volunteering More

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