AB 1982 Amendment

The California Association of Substitute Teachers

  “There is no substitute for a great substitute teacher”

Suggested Amendments to AB 1982, as submitted by the California Association of Substitute Teachers (CAST)

Language:  proposed 

  1. The intent of this section is to ensure that certificated employees can professionally perform in urgent emergency situations;
  2. When hiring certificated employees, school districts shall require Emergency and First Aid Training for all credentialed or licensed persons under this section;
  3. Training shall include, but not be limited to the following:
    1. First Aid & CPR Training; and
    1. Emergency Drill and Lockdowns; and
    1. Basic Germ identification and eradication concepts.
  4. The fees associated with the course, depending on the district and its adopted policy, shall be paid for by the certificated employee. If the district opts to, they may create other financial arrangements, including subsidies and/or grants; 
  5. If the certificated employee works in multiple districts, they may present their Certificate of Completion as proof of completion to all districts, as long it was awarded in the same school calendar year;
  6. This requirement becomes effective at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year; 
  7. Trainings can be by the district, a recognized safety provider or a contracted business.